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Umpire In-Season Weight Management Guidelines

Download the Umpire In-Season Weight Management Guidelines (PDF)

Umpiring is a very demanding job. It stresses the body in many ways – through the constant travel schedule and through the game’ s excessive wear and tear on the body.

Based upon my ten years of travelling with a major league team and our recent experience with lifestyle modification for at-risk umpires, we have developed guidelines to help you make wiser food selections when eating out on the road. This program will also give you a simple exercise routine which will serve as an adjunct to your Umpire Dumbbell Exercises & Stretching Program. We have found that this program is flexible enough to work around any game schedule.

Remember, it is important to obtain physician clearance before beginning any exercise or weight loss program. For an introduction to the Mackie Shilstone Visceral (Abdominal) Fat Loss Program, you can visit our highly successful At-Risk Umpire Lifestyle Modification Program in New Orleans. The Mackie Shilstone Center for Performance Enhancement and Lifestyle Management is a a preferred program for professional baseball umpires. For more information about this program, contact Mackie Shilstone to schedule a visit consistent with your schedule.