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U.S. Open postcard: Meet Serena Williams’ hitting coach |

Sascha Bajin – Serena’s hitting coach (Photo by Mackie Shilstone)

New York – For the last five years of my work with Serena Williams, I have had the pleasure to work with her eight-year veteran hitting coach Sascha Bajin. Bajin, who is 29 years old, is from Munich, Germany.

I remember as a newcomer to the team, this talented young man took me under his wing and showed me the “ropes” of WTA world class tennis.

Sascha’s responsibilities include: coordinating the travel to and from the courts, securing the practice courts, handling the daily re-stringing of both his and Serena’s racquets during tournaments, provide post match stretching assistance to Serena when I am not around, and most importantly, to give Serena a hitting partner, who can keep her both mentally and physically challenged with returning serves, both cross court and down the line shots, and any type of attack that will be coming toward her in the match.

Needless to say, Sascha and I are very close. I have often referred to him as my third son.

Today, we practiced with Varvara Lepchenko – a southpaw – on the Arthur Ashe center court.

After practice, we went to the U. S. Open Fitness Center for more sport-specific work. It appears that Serena will play on Monday.

Each day brings new challenges like trying to practice around rain and cross winds, and heavy traffic getting to practice.

With a great team, you find solutions because there will be more tomorrow. Just a normal day in the big leagues.

By the way, Sascha will be featured Sunday in the New York Times Magazine on his work with Serena.

Link: U.S. Open postcard: Meet Serena Williams’ hitting coach |