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U.S. Open postcard: Getting Serena Williams ready for doubles

Serena Williams is preparing for doubles action today. (AP photo)

NEW YORK — Serena defeated Kaia Kanepi 6-3, 6-3, in her Round-4 singles match on Sunday at center court. Today, she and Venus Williams have a doubles match at 11 a.m. CT.

We will practice from 9:15-10:45 a.m. and follow a similar post-practice preparation strategy, as we do for singles.

Doubles offers an interesting perspective from a spectator’s point of view. As opposed to singles, where rallies are usually longer, doubles is more about quick reaction, especially at the net.

It is not uncommon for an opponent, who gets too close to the net, to get hit due too little time to react.

Much like a Mike Tyson-type body shot, being hit at such close range is no picnic. In my mind, it is a strategy to back an opponent away from the net — thus giving you the opportunity to slam a shot to the ground with little opportunity for the opponents to return the shot.

You can always apologize after you hit your opponent, of course, by accident.

Always best to say you’re sorry, until the next time.

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