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T-Spine Stability: Prone Stability Pulls

The thoracic spine – the mid-back also called the T spine – is the transition to and from the cervical (neck) and lumbar (low back) spine. In sports that require an implement – tennis racquet, lacrosse stick, golf club, baseball bat – or sports such as football and baseball, where the pitcher and quarter back have their hands above the shoulder level gripping the respective ball, thoracic stability can provide a stabilizing effect to help prevent non-contact injury. The T spine also stabilizes everyday activities like talking on a phone or grabbing for a glass or can from a cabinet.

Prone Stability Pulls:

Lie prone on top of a 65 cm stability ball, with knees bent to 90-degrees – pressed against the stability ball. Arms are extended with palms facing down. Using no weight in the hands or a lite weight in each hand – like two small, full water bottles, pull the arms back – rotating palms in until you create a “W” design – with hands at shoulder height and elbows at 45-degree angles at the sides. Return to starting position. Be sure to contract the scapula, as you retract the shoulders during the pull-back motion.

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