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Streamlining the Obliques – Sides of the Waist

The abdominal oblique muscles – both internal and external – combine to compress the abdomen, while flexing and rotating the vertebral column. The obliques, when trained appropriately, create that smaller waist. If trained incorrectly – such as with lateral (side) bends with hand weights – you can actually enlarge the sides of the waist.

Isometric Oblique Contraction with Dynamic Rotation:

Stand sideways adjacent to a fixed object. Using light rubber resistance tubing with handles, attach one end of the tube to the object just below chest level. Grasp the handle(s) of the other end, with arms extended – tube is stretched with no slack. Hold the tube handle in a static (no movement) contraction – causing the obliques to contract. Breathe normally and hold the contraction for 20 seconds. Then, pull the hands back and forth toward the body – with a dynamic, short-range movement keeping the cord from pulling to one side. Next, use a dynamic, short-range side to side movement to force the obliques to stabilize the movement.

Repeat 5 times to each side.

Remember, you should always consult your physician before beginning any exercise, diet, or nutritional supplementation program.

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