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Maximum Energy for Life


A 21-Day Strategic Plan to Feel Great, Reverse the Aging Process, and Optimize Your Health


A breakthrough health and wellness program from a leading performance coach.

From baseball Hall of Fame and All Star Ozzie Smith to heavyweight champion Riddick Bowe to All-Pro tackle Lomas Brown, top professional athletes have turned to Mackie Shilstone for more than twenty-five years when they’ve needed to take their performance to the next level. So have business legends and many other male and female professionals who need a real performance edge. The reason is simple: Shilstone’s no-nonsense approach and his unique training methods get results.

Now, Mackie Shilstone has finally distilled his performance-enhancing secrets into a book that can help anyone feel younger, live longer, and do his or her best in all aspects of life.

Maximum Energy for Life re-creates the same twelve-week performance-enhancing program Shilstone uses with athletes and other clients. This breakthrough strategic plan helps readers reduce the risk of heart disease and other preventable illnesses, rekindle their passion and motivation, and manage stress for maximum performance. Complete with delicious and easy meal plans and the Mackie Pro Circuit Program, a unique workout, Maximum Energy for Life is the ultimate guide to increased vitality and improved performance—and a surefire bestseller.