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Lose Your Love Handles


Mackie Shilstone, professional performance enhancement expert and lifestyle management pro, has developed a 3 point program – an aerobic, walking plan, a diet low in the glycemic index, and spot specific toning and firming exercises – that will help men melt inches off “beer guts” and get rid of those unwanted “love handles.”

Mackie has successfully trained and toned celebrities and professional athletes and the same principles that got them in shape can work for anyone. Complete with workouts, menus and more!

  • An out of shape midsection is the #1 fitness problem for men, and can contribute to serious health risks.
  • 59% of American men are overweight – and the midsection is the #1 problem area.
  • This complete 30-day program includes tips on medical ball training – a
    popular new technique.
  • Abs are of special concern to both men and women for reasons of appearance and athletic performance – excess “ab flab” has been identified as a risk factor for heart problems.

Mackie Shilstone has worked with high profile athletes including Riddick Bowe, Marcus Camby, the St. Louis Blues and San Francisco Giants, and is an advisor to the US Olympic Committee on Sports Nutrition.

“Lose Your Love Handles” comes with fully illustrated articles.