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Lean and Hard


The Body You’ve Always Wanted in Just 24 Workouts


Fitness guru Mackie Shilstone is an expert at getting world-class professional athletes, top-level business figures, and other celebrities—as well as ordinary people like us—into peak shape in record time. In Lean and Hard, Mackie shares his proven, all-new strategies for building lean muscle. Mackie’s “work out smarter, not harder” plan—four high-intensity workouts per week combined with a high-performance nutrition program and expert recommendations for state-of-the-art supplements—will help you build a new body in just 24 workouts.

Whether you’re a pro or an amateur about working out, Mackie’s program is so clear and accessible that anyone can follow it with success. In this book, Mackie provides you with a simple and safe plan that will really make a difference to your workout and your health. Mackie answers all your questions about effective nutrition for high performance, such as concerns about how much protein you really need and how many calories you should consume with a high-performance workout to make sure you are building muscle, not losing it, as well as describing the benefits of performance-enhancing nutritional supplements. He also reveals key information about:

  • Proper hydration before, during, and after high intensity exercise
  • The importance of rest to make your body stronger
  • How to efficiently manage your energy systems to achieve the greatest gains
  • Your body’s energy and hormonal systems and how to make them more efficient
  • Which supplements to take—and when—to maximize your muscle-building program
  • How to use your diet to enhance your workout
  • High-performance nutrition beverages and the most beneficial times to take them

If you’re willing to make a commitment to just 24 high-intensity workouts, you too can achieve what you once thought was unachievable: a buff, lean, and chiseled body. Lean and Hard is the ultimate strength-building workout to build the powerful muscular physique you always dreamed of having.