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Four Way Resisted Assisted Lunges

Functional Training represents exercises that replicate movement patterns in sports, recreation, and life in general. I’ve learned over the last 43 years of working with the best in professional sports that it’s important to train the movement rather than isolate the muscles involved in motions, such as overhead throwing, change of direction, or transition from up & down – like tackling or returning an opponent’s low shot in tennis.
The Four Way Resisted Assisted Lunge:

Using a large, medium thickness exercise, rubber band, place around the waist – anchored to a fixed object at waist height. Stand facing away from the anchor with light tension on the band. Perform resisted, stationary forward lunges – alternating legs. Turn sideways and repeat the motion. Face the anchor and perform reverse, stationary lunges – alternating legs. Finally, turn to opposite side and repeat out/in motion. Be sure to maintain an upright position, do not extend knee over toe when lunging, and contract the core when lunging out. Use a controlled motion – adjusting distance from anchor – to determine the desired resistance.

Remember, you should always consult your physician before beginning any exercise, diet, or nutritional supplementation program.