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Linda Hamilton

Mackie, you know what we did; I am forever grateful. You are my SUPERMAN! —Linda Hamilton

Serena Williams

“My life, my career changed when I met Mackie Shilstone. Mackie is not human. What he does day in and day out is only for the brave and true champions. The only thing is, no one has ever been...

Peyton Manning

(Mackie has)helped me a lot. I came to New Orleans; as you know I was coming off of a little bit of an injury the season before. So it was a combination of trying to prevent further injury as...

Bob Costas

“For many years I have been very impressed with how Mackie Shilstone’s comprehensive and sophisticated approach – combining exercise, nutrition, and medical care, has benefited both elite athletes and everyday men and women.” Bob Costas, on Mackie’s book “Don’t...

Bernard Hopkins

”He gets in your head, he runs with you, he trains with you — he pushes you,” Hopkins, 41, said Sunday from Atlantic City, where a day earlier he stunned many by upsetting light-heavyweight champ Antonio Tarver via unanimous...



Building Hamstring Endurance

Last week I showed you a hamstring strengthening exercise using a stable chair against a wall. Using an adjustable height, rolling office-type chair, I’m going to show you an exercise to build up hamstring endurance. One of the top...

Maximum Wellness, Episode 29: Severe energy-restricted diets may cause greater bone loss in postmenopausal women

With the onset of menopause, many women may experience a variety of symptoms, including a decrease in lean muscle, an increase in fat mass, and a reduction in cardiorespiratory fitness – which may predispose the menopausal woman to insulin...

How waist-to-height ratio can help detect health risks

A 2011 study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology Metabolism said the waist-to-height ratio (WHtR) was the strongest predictor of cardiovascular risk and mortality. WHtR is calculated by dividing waist size by height. It takes gender into account. WHtR...


Linda Hamilton