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Linda Hamilton

Mackie, you know what we did; I am forever grateful. You are my SUPERMAN! —Linda Hamilton

Serena Williams

“My life, my career changed when I met Mackie Shilstone. Mackie is not human. What he does day in and day out is only for the brave and true champions. The only thing is, no one has ever been...

Peyton Manning

(Mackie has)helped me a lot. I came to New Orleans; as you know I was coming off of a little bit of an injury the season before. So it was a combination of trying to prevent further injury as...

Bob Costas

“For many years I have been very impressed with how Mackie Shilstone’s comprehensive and sophisticated approach – combining exercise, nutrition, and medical care, has benefited both elite athletes and everyday men and women.” Bob Costas, on Mackie’s book “Don’t...

Bernard Hopkins

”He gets in your head, he runs with you, he trains with you — he pushes you,” Hopkins, 41, said Sunday from Atlantic City, where a day earlier he stunned many by upsetting light-heavyweight champ Antonio Tarver via unanimous...



Crunch & Punch Circuit

This drill is a Weave in/out-type drill, where four markers are placed in a straight line 3-yards apart. In between each market, place another marker 3-yards to the left. Sprint to the first marker, then side-shuffle to the marker...

Overnight Shift Workers Must Contend with the Negative Aspects of Their Work

According to research – Early Morning Food Intake as a Risk Factor for Metabolic Dysregulation – which appeared in the March 2020 issue of the online journal Nutrients, “individuals who begin work in the early morning hours [i.e., between...

VMO Exercise

Mackie shows you how to strengthen the muscle known as the Vastus Medialis Obliquus on the inside of the knee – using a wall slide or “VMO exercise.” Remember, you should always consult your physician before beginning any exercise,...


Linda Hamilton