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Upper Torso Towel Warm-up

An effective warm-up before athletic training or competition is critical to success and injury prevention. The same can be said before exercise of all forms. However, the warm-up of the upper torso is many times over looked or inappropriately used. Here’s a Fitness the Simple Way routine that uses nothing more than a bath towel to facilitate.

Towel Warm-up:
Grab both ends of a bath towel in each hand. Perform clockwise overhead rotational circles over, behind, and around the head. Repeat in a counter-clockwise motion.

With arms bent to a 90-degree angle overhead, extend the left arm and stretch the bent right arm over the head. Repeat to the right side. Then, alternate left to right and vice versa.

Place the towel behind the body at waist height – grapping the towel in each hand shoulder-width apart, with palms up. Extend the arms back – lifting until a stretch in the back of the arms is felt.
Then bend the arms to 90-degrees and perform reverse triceps (back of arm) extensions.

Grab one end of the towel – using an overhead (pitching) motion – throw the towel away without letting go – with a follow-up through motion across the body.

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