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U.S. Open postcard: Proper recovery for Serena Williams |

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Serena won today against her rain-delayed opponent. She had to really turn it on after being down two games. Serena is also playing doubles with Venus.

It was an interesting day. You play a singles match that starts at 1 and then you go to the fitness center, ride a bike and stretch. You eat because now you are going to get into a match at 7 and go three sets.

The key is recovery. You can’t go a whole day without some form of practice. So Serena and I will go to the park Friday to get loose, do shoulder work, a little bit of light movement. It’s the ability to recover. That includes what you eat.

I’m working with the executive chef of the U.S. Open to put together some of the meals. We always have a backup, because you don’t know what you’re going to feel like. With the doubles, she could play every single day for two weeks. So the operative word is recovery.

Shoulder recovery, riding a bike, whatever it is, you’ve got to do it.

Link: U.S. Open postcard: Proper recovery for Serena Williams |