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U.S. Open postcard: Dealing with inclement weather |

New York — The best laid plans can sometimes go astray. No sooner had Serena finished her warmup for her match Wednesday against Galina Voskoboeva than it started to rain.

The day matches, including those that were in progress, were suspended to wait out the rain. However, mother nature did not cooperate. That meant the players’ lounge, dining facility, fitness center and more were as crowded as Grand Central Station at 5 p.m. on a Friday here in New York.

Ultimately, when the weather cleared, the matches that were in progress before the rain were resumed. Serena’s match was rescheduled for today, which would have been an off day. The implication is that we will have to play two matches in a row to catch up. Recovery, or the lack of, is a great equalizer in most sports, especially world-class tennis.

The match time was not released until late last night because tournament directors were waiting to see if the night matches were completed.

Keep in mind that the day and night matches and respective tickets are separate. So the key is to try to complete at least one grouping, so as not to extend the tournament beyond its two-week schedule, which has certainly happened before with this tournament.

My last two experiences here were with hurricanes, which hit in New York during parts of the Open. I never thought I would need to prepare for a hurricane hitting New York. Luckily, I am a pro at hurricane preparation, having grown up in New Orleans.

And the games march on, wet or dry.

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