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Top Five Tips to Curb Obesity Rates

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On a regular basis, the federal government or some outside group releases state rankings for obesity and labels those states at the bottom as being most unhealthy. Recently, one of these studies was just published showing Louisiana and Mississippi at the bottom. Now, some may argue whether we are actually number 50 or that we should be a few states higher. But, what I want to impress on everyone is that our state’s obesity percentage is horrible and being anywhere close to the bottom is unacceptable.

Often when these studies are released, I have the opportunity to give interviews with media giving my thoughts and advice on what these studies mean. In short, my answer is that the studies mean everything, because they indicate we are headed in the wrong direction. As rates of unhealthiness continue to climb, people are turning a blind eye to the dangers of a poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle.

In my latest book, Stop Renting Your Health. Own it! A Three Step Approach, I go into detail of how a poor lifestyle is devastating to our health and how it is contributing to chronic and even deadly diseases such as cancer. If I can sum it up in a short thought, it is because we have a fast food lifestyle.

I believe that obesity rates really started taking off with the rise of the fast food industry in this country. Society has gravitated to pre-packaged foods that are full of sugars and preservatives and has wandered away from home cooked meals that enable you to control the ingredients. Adding to it is the ridiculous portion size they are offering. French fry portions alone should send up red flags.

Over my four decades of helping clients, the one trend that has become clear is that those who choose to eat and live healthy are usually happier, have less chronic illnesses and are on significantly less prescription medication. As I looked over these latest rankings, I just wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that we can all turn these obesity rates around by making better choices.

My top five tips for curbing obesity are:

  1. Stop renting your health – Take control of your life and health by deciding you have the power to live healthier.
  2. Eat right – I often recommend the Mediterranean diet because of its heart healthy foundations, but find the healthy ways to eat that works for you. You are more inclined to stay consistent if you enjoy the foods you are eating.
  3. Exercise – Can’t stress it enough. Get your body moving for at least 30-minutes a day and you will be taking steps for better health.
  4. Sleep – By not getting enough sleep, you are robbing your body and its metabolism of the rest it needs.
  5. Family time – Spend time with your kids walking or playing. Kids follow the example set by their parents. Showing them the importance of being healthy could change their future.