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Top Five Thanksgiving Menu Items

Thanksgiving Turkey

Now that Thanksgiving is coming and everyone is busy planning their family menus, I just wanted to remind you of some important items to include. First, let me say that even though there is usually an overabundance of food choices, some healthy and some not, remember that everything should be eaten in moderation.

For those of you who are trying to stay true to your diet, holidays that revolve around food can be particularly challenging. If you are eating at a family member’s home that day, you probably are not in control of the menu. That is why I always advise people to ask ahead of time of what will be served and offer to bring some healthy items if needed. Also, although it may not sound important, serve your own plate instead of letting someone else do it for. You will have greater control, not only of what you eat, but the portions sizes.

If you go into Thanksgiving Day with the right game plan, you can have a great meal that won’t be a diet-buster for you. And, don’t forget to take a few minutes later in the day to do a brisk, healthy walk.

My top five menu items to put on your Thanksgiving plate are:

  1. Turkey – Can be a very healthy protein. Limit your side of stuffing, however.
  2. Salad – Put a generous salad portion to help you fill your plate. If salad dressing is already mixed in, be conscious of how much you eat.
  3. Vegetables – Look for a mix of vegetables of varying colors to get a good sampling.
  4. Bread – Often times, there are bread options on the table. Try to find one that is whole grain.
  5. Dessert – Dessert is always tricky, but see if fresh fruit is an option. If not available, choose the healthiest you can and pay attention to portion size.