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Top Five Back-to-School Tips

Two kids with heavy backpacks headed for the school bus.

As the calendar changes to August, school for area children is right around the corner. It means schedules change from the relaxing summer days to the structured school regime and probably extracurricular sports and activities. It also means homework, tests and late night studying. And, as every parent can attest, the school year is as equally draining on them as it is their children.

This is the time to commit to starting the school year off right. I tell my clients that if you can make positive changes in your life and do it for three or four weeks in a row, you are much more likely to make it a permanent habit. So, that means look at your routines and make healthy choices throughout your day. Keep your energy up with good nutrition and exercise. Budget in time to relax, de-stress and to carve out time to spend with your kids doing something fun so that everyone can spend good family time.

Keeping this in mind, I believe there are important, concrete steps you can take to ensure you will have a great school year. My top five back-to-school tips are:

Good nutrition – Allow time in the morning for a good, healthy breakfast. It will start your day with energy and get everyone moving. Also, pack a healthy lunch or know what the school cafeteria will be serving. Some cafeteria meals will be healthier than others.

Annual physical and immunization – If your child plays sports, he or she will probably be required to have an annual physical. However, even if he or she does not play sports, I always recommend you schedule a check-up. Their physician can get an up-to-date look at their health status and make sure that immunizations are current.

Exercise – Not only is thirty minutes of exercise a day good for you and your child’s body, it is also a great stress reliever. Add exercise to your calendar so that there is time budgeted for it each day.

Sleep – It is important to keep a consistent bedtime and to get a proper night’s sleep. It will keep you more mentally alert throughout the day and allow you to better focus on tasks and learning.

Meditation – Everyone has their own way of dealing with stress, but I believe that quiet time each day for meditation helps keep you from getting mentally fatigued or burned out on your daily activities.