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The Ultimate Push-Up Series

The Standard Push-Up exercise places emphasis on strengthening the chest (pectorals) shoulders (deltoids), and back of the arms (triceps) in a prone position. However, there are over 30 variations of this tried and true exercise – each placing emphasis on different parts of the body.

Many people have trouble performing push-ups. One way to help develop pushing strength, is to emphasize eccentric training – deceleration – in which the muscle lengthens during the contraction.

The Slide Out / Deceleration Push-Up:

Assume a modified — with the knees slightly bent in contact with the floor- elevated push-up position. With a sock on each hand or grasping hand towels, slowing decelerate the extended arms out to the sides below shoulder level with the fingers of each hand turned to 3 pm on the clock. Then, from a down position, bring the arms back into a low push-up position close to each side. Repeat as desired.

Advanced Slide Out:

In a similar starting position as the slide out, shift your weight to one side, as you lower your body on one side – keeping that arm close to the body, while extending the other hand in a sock out to the side. Return to the starting position as in the Slide out and repeat to the opposite side.

Avoid these two exercises if you have shoulder or mid-back issues.

Remember, you should always consult your physician before beginning any exercise, diet, or nutritional supplementation program.

Mackie Shilstone is here with an exercise that could help you develop the strength to do a push-up.