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Terminator’s Linda Hamilton reveals how she got Serena’s trainer | Metro News

Linda Hamilton knew she would have to train hard in preparation for Terminator: Dark Fate so she turned to Serena Williams’ trainer get herself fighting fit for the role.

The 63-year-old actress had a year to prepare to reprise her role as Sarah Connor in the upcoming blockbuster and though doctors initially prescribed hormones to increase body mass, she quickly found they caused side effects she didn’t like.

‘My blood pressure was spiking. I was getting angry and I couldn’t explain why. Like, explosive!’ she explained. ‘Apparently, it turned out I’m just sensitive, and my body didn’t like it.’

Instead, Linda turned to sports performance specialist Mackie Shilstone for help.

‘I only got him because [Serena Williams] was pregnant,’ the actress admitted to Daily Mail newspaper columnist Baz Bamigboye. ‘Mackie put me on supplements and was constantly researching the older body, because he works with pro athletes — and there are no 60-year-old pro athletes.’

The actress recently revealed that she was given a fake bottom while filming the highly-anticipated movie.

Speaking on ITV’s Lorraine, Linda explained how she had to get back in shape for the role, but became so lean they decided to fill some bits back out.

‘I had to work pretty hard. I’d gotten a bit chunky,’ Linda said.

‘So there were no carbs in my life for a year, and I got so sort of lean that when I showed up they actually had to build me a butt,’ she joked.

‘They added bottom. Something you don’t ever see coming in your life. Who wants more bottom? ‘I shouldn’t give my secrets away.’

Source: Terminator’s Linda Hamilton reveals how she got Serena’s trainer | Metro News