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Tanita TBF-400

I’m offering to the customers of my six locally operated & operated GNC franchise stores – located in Jefferson, St. Tammany, and Livingston parishes – the option to use state of the art body composition analysis – the Tanita TBF-400 Bio-Impedance device – to assess anthropomorphic (human characteristics) data to not only assist their weight management goals, but also to add to their wellness profile. This same technology is used with my yearly assessments of Major League Baseball Umpires.

The TBF-400 – FDA cleared – can accommodate 600 pounds, which is ideal for bariatric applications – assessing all human body types – from normal weight to obese. The TBF-400 provides the following information: Weight, Body Fat %, Fat Mass, Fat Free Mass, Water Mass, Basal Metabolic Rate, and Body Mass Index.

The participant has the option to set up their own private, password protected – MyTanita account – to track historic body composition assessments, or a single, hard copy of the assessment can be provided.
Participants can use the Tanita data to compare to national norms for percent body fat and BMI (body mass index) – a measurement of a person’s weight relative to his or her height. BMI is more of an indicator than a direct measurement of a person’s total body fat.

In conjunction with the TBF-400’s assessment, the customer gains an accurate measure of their overall body fat status – which correlates to potential disease risk – such as to diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines an adult, who has a BMI between 25 and 29.9 as overweight. An adult, who has a BMI of 30 or higher is considered obese – while a BMI below 18.5 is considered underweight. Between 18.5 to 24.9 is considered to be a healthy weight.

Gender & Activity Body Composition Status (


  • Essential Fat: 10-13%
  • Athletes: 14-20%
  • Fitness: 21-24%
  • Acceptable: 25-31%
  • Obese: 32% or more


  • Essential Fat: 2-5%
  • Athletes: 6-13%
  • Fitness: 14-17%
  • Acceptable: 18-24%
  • Obese: 25% or more

Using the body composition assessment and metabolic rate determination, we are also offering – by appointment – at preset store locations and times – the opportunity for a 20-minute consultation with my Sports & Lifestyle registered dietitian.

Learn more about the results from the Tanita technology here.

Tanita Testing Prices are as follows

  • One-Time Tanita Test: $19.99
  • Annual Plan (12 Tests total once a month): $99.99
  • Free with a $75 purchase of product in store

The Protocol

The participant need only stand on the unit (minus socks and shoes with unit disinfected between assessments) in a fasted, but hydrated state – without exercising or eating within 4-5 hours of the test – for the most accurate results. In less than 20 seconds, a detailed analysis is provided on the built-in thermal printer; you can also set up your own Tanita account to save present and future test results.

When and where to get your body composition analysis:


Metairie Rd:  701 Metairie Rd. • Metarie • 504-834-2811 • Mon-Sat: 9-7 / Sun: 12-5
Westgate: 8847 Veterans Blvd. • Metairie • 504-463-0080 • Mon-Sat: 9-7 / Sun: 12-5
Elmwood: 1130 South Clearview Pkwy. • Harahan • 504-731-2921 • Mon-Sat: 9-8 / Sun: 11-5
Mandeville: 2 St. Ann Dr. • Mandeville • 985-674-2535 • Mon-Fri: 9-8 / Sat: 9-7 / Sun: 11-5
Juban: 27306 Crossing Circle #260 • Denham Springs • (225) 380-1888 • Mon-Sat: 10-8 / Sun: 11-6

To create an account:

Download and follow these instructions.