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Stats suggest healthy living not a priority for New Orleans

This week in New Orleans, The American College of Cardiology held its annual conference. There was a somewhat surprising presentation by Dr. Anand Irimpren, a cardiologist and Tulane professor. According to Dr. Irimpren,  the percentage of patients admitted to Tulane University Hospital for heart attacks has not changed since the hospital reopened in 2006 after Katrina, even as residents’ lives slowly normalized.

Dr. Irimpren was quoted in a Times Picayune cover story by Katie Urbaszewski as saying, “… the numbers suggest that healthy living is not a priority for many New Orleanians, since the storm.” He further stated, ” it’s important to create an awareness of the importance of nutrition and exercise, even—especially—after a major disaster.”

I have been extolling the benefits of proper exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle management in the New Orleans area longer than anyone. I started with my own radio segment on the Keith Rush Show on WSMB, when I was in college playing football at Tulane University. I had an appearance every Wednesday for 15 minutes  back in 1973 to discuss ways to improve your health through positive lifestyle changes. From there, I wrote about the same subject for Gridweek Magazine for former Saints’ player Steve Stonebreaker, who owned the publication. TV was next in 1976, on Channel 26 each morning at 6:55am  with a daily segment called “Feelin’ Good with Mackie”.

If you have followed my work, you know my message expanded over the years to national radio, television, and so forth—not to bore you with the details. But the message has been and will continue to be clear in New Orleans and the world that proper nutrition and exercise is a path out of the health care dilemma which we as New Orleanians and Americans currently face.

Start young with good health  habits—and keep  it going the rest of your life. Sign up for Mackie Mail, my free on line email health tip for a path to better health.