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Should we eat three large meals a day or five or six smaller but equally nutritious meals?

When most of us were growing up, our parents and grandparents told us that three square meals a day were essential to our physical well-being. Now there are some experts who say a larger number of smaller meals — or nutritious snacks throughout the day — can be just as beneficial. In my books, I reference research on using 5-6 smaller meals per day for specific situations–provided that those meals are balanced and that they contain enough beneficial substance to make you feel full but not uncomfortable.

I belive that smaller meals of fresh fruit, whole grain crackers with low-fat cheese and nutrition bars can be as nutritious as a conventional large meal. Decide what works best for you after experimenting, or go with what your doctor recommends. What you eat is far more important than how often you eat. If you have questions about your specific diet needs, consult your personal physician or a licensed nutritionist.