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More Serena Williams’ Training Secrets: Serve Accelleration

With people now having the ability to spend more time with outside activities – emphasizing appropriate Covid-19 safety measures – such as social distancing and wearing masks – one activity that can afford fitness and fun is tennis.

The tennis serve is the only stroke in tennis, where the player has control from the start. It’s a game changer, when effectively managed. Increasing serve speed and accuracy is the ultimate objective.

Serve Acceleration: Shot Throw

Stand assuming your normal serve position. Take a light (2-5 pounds), small, medicine ball in your racket hand. Set up in the loading position – ball hand moves up with a simulated toss, while the racquet hand throws the medicine ball up and forward using a ‘‘shot-put-type’’ throwing motion.

Emphasize the loading position through bending the back leg – emphasizing trunk rotation and lateral bend. The explosive nature of this exercise should carry you upward and forward into the court, in preparation for the opponents return.

Try 5-10 repetitions. Be sure to emphasize proper form.