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Serena’s 6-Cone Pre-Competition Agility Drill

Serena’s 6-Cone Pre-CompetitionAgility Drill

Many people asked me what type of warm-up do you use with Serena Williams, before a competitive match? The standard warm-up is divided into two components—one in the tournament fitness room or separate allocated space, while the second warm-up is done on the court with the opponent several minutes before the match begins. Here’s one of the agility-type drills we use.

Serena’s 6-Cone Pre-Competition Agility Drill:

Line up six cones in a straight line two feet apart. Begin at the bottom and perform side-to-side transitions up the line—without touching the comes. Reverse the process back to the start.

Stand parallel to the first cone. Shuttle back and forth to each cone. Shuttle to cone two and back, three and back, and such–until all 5 cones have been reached. You can reverse the action starting at 6 to one, back to 6 and 5 to one—until the sequence is completed.

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