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Serena Williams training secrets: knee drop

When you’re at a WTA tennis tournament or a Grand Slam, the training philosophy transitions from performance to pre-habilitation—injury prevention. Space is also at a premium with a very crowded training facility. It’s fitness in small spaces.

Proper hip function is important to prevent a needless lower extremity injury. Most sports can place undue stress on the hip, that may down the line effect knee and ankle mechanics.

Knee Drop:

Using a yoga stretching block or a small stack of towels folded over, assume an “all fours” position on the ground. Place one bent knee on the stretching block – with the other knee also bent – adjacent to the working leg.

Bring the adjacent knee in close proximity to the knee on the block. Drop that free knee toward the ground to a comfortable level. Make sure to keep the knee on the block in a static-hold position, while the other knee is descending and elevating back to position. The key is to try and elevate the working knee slightly above the other knee on the block.

Try 10 repetitions. Repeat on the opposite side.

Remember, you should always consult your physician before beginning any exercise, diet, or nutritional supplementation program.

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