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Serena Williams talks about her fitness coach Mackie Shilstone | Tennis Tonic

Williams is performing well in tournaments lately. She partly credits her performance to fitness coach Mackie Shilstone.

As Serena Williams continues her hunt for her next Grand Slam title, more players are getting bolder in challenging her in the tennis court. At this stage of her career, the 38-year old American tennis star is still able to fend off competition from younger players like Elina Svitolina, Naomi Osaka, and Qiang Wang.

Williams performs great largely because of her healthy lifestyle. Part of it is working with world-class trainers and experts. In fact, one of Williams’ not-so-secret weapons is fitness guru Mackie Shilstone.

Serena Williams on Mackie Shilstone

In a recent interview, the former world no. 1 was asked about her improved endurance in games. Since Shilstone was seen in her box several times over the past few months, a member of the press wanted to know how the trainer has been helping her prepare for her matches.

In response, Williams said that Shilstone has been a constant presence in her career this decade. While he does not always come to the tournaments she participates in, Williams always consults the fitness expert especially when she is preparing for a big event.

Who is Mackie Shilstone?

For those who do not know who Mackie Shilstone is, the trainer boasts of a star-studded clientele that includes celebrities like Wesley Snipes and Bob Costas. Based in New Orleans, he has earned the reputation of being one of America’s top sports performance managers.

What makes Shilstone appealing to many of his clients is the fact that he walks the talk. He has confessed to not eating red meat in the past 35 years. He also swore off fried food because of the oil.

Williams’ close relationship with Shilstone

Williams had a big role in Williams’ career in the past eleven years. In 2008, he sat down with Williams and confronted her about recurring health issues and declining world ranking. He asked for her commitment and focus on the trainings that they will be doing. The top tennis player agreed to his terms.

The partnership has been productive. With Shilstone’s help, Williams was able to win more tournaments. Ever since they started working together, the former world no. 1 has claimed 14 more Grand Slam titles to add to her then nine trophies.

Shilstone also has close personal ties to Williams. He served as minister during the tennis player’s wedding to Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian in 2017.

He also defended the American tennis player from criticism last year. When Williams confronted the umpire for allegedly unfairly penalizing her during the U.S. Open final, he spoke out in support of her. He even applauded Williams for calling out what she feels is an injustice.

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