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Row-and-Punch Planking for Stability

Get in a prone plank position with the body resting on the ground, hands stretched out in front. Throughout this exercise, maintain stability by keeping the head facing forward, looking straight ahead—NOT up. Do three planks with the four row-and-punch motions as follows:

For the first series, keep hands in fists with palms facing inward. Keeping the inner arms close to the head, raise the arms, upper torso, and lower legs off the ground, and hold to a count of five. Then—keeping the legs, torso, and arms elevated—pull the arms back as if rowing, with fists coming back to the chest level, then pushing back to the original stretched-forward position. Do four row-and-punch motions before lowering to the floor.

Repeat this sequence again with the fists facing downward, and then a final time with hands flattened, palms facing down.

This exercise will not be easy. For those attempting this with limitations, do a modified version leaving the quads and lower legs on the ground, with only the arms and upper torso elevated. Note that the torso elevation itself can remain fairly low during the row-and-punch series and still achieve the benefits of this exercise.

Once this is complete, raise the body onto all fours into the “Cat Position” with hands at shoulder width, palms to the floor, and toes on the ground with heels-up. Begin with the head in a neutral position, spine straight, not arched. Then tucking the chin to the chest, push down and bow the back to stetch it out before returning to the neutral position. Repeat five times.

Remember, you should always consult your physician before beginning any exercise, diet, or nutritional supplementation program.

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