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Postcards from Wimbledon | The value of doubles play

Today we arrived at the Wimbledon practice courts at 10 a.m. for a warm-up session before Serena’s Round two match versus Chanelle Scheepers at 1 p.m. London time.

Serena won the match 6/1, 6/1. After the match, we went through our post-match recovery program of stationary cycling, stretching, and shoulder stabilization.Friday is a doubles day for Serena and Venus. I could see in Serena’s match against Sheepers the value of the doubles play, as Serena came to the net from the baseline on several occasions for a drop-shot duel with Sheepers.

In both cases Serena prevailed.

For me,  tonight is the first night in awhile to eat dinner at a normal time down the hill in the town of Wimbledon. Will certainly burn off the meal on the climb back to the top.

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