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Postcards from Wimbledon | Mackie Shilstone

Serena came through today beating Anna Tatishvili 6/1, 6/2 in one hour. Tomorrow she, along with her sister Venus, will begin the doubles competition. 

Playing doubles is a “double-edged sword.” In one way, it increases your hand-eye coordination, which is extremely important for coming to the net on grass – a la Wimbledon.

But, it can also take away an off day from competition. Here at Wimbledon, I favor playing doubles. The risk-reward ratio tilts to the benefits.

Tomorrow, we play late after two other matches, one of which is a men’s match, which is best-of-five sets. Hate following the men.

Our match on Tuesday followed Rafael Nadal, who took four sets to win. My warmup of Serena was predicated on when Nadal’s match was within 15 minutes of a win. Remember, TV rules the game and you cannot keep them waiting.

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