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Pasta can help heartburn

Having trouble with heartburn? Do you sometimes feel the burning, stinging sensation of acid reflux after eating certain types of foods? There’s a way you may be able to prevent this. Eat some pasta.

Foods like pasta, brown rice, beans and sweet potatoes are high in complex carbohydrates. These foods may help prevent the onset of heartburn. Complex carbohydrates have the power to absorb more stomach acid, and this, in turn, prevents the acid from escaping into the esophagus and irritating it.

The term “heartburn” is a misnomer and it has nothing to do with the heart at all. It occurs in the vicinity of the heart when excess acid burns the esophagus, the pathway between your mouth and your stomach. That’s why it’s also called acid indigestion or acid reflux. Some of the things that may cause heartburn are tomatoes, seasoned tomato sauces, onions and certain kinds of spices. If you’re prone to heartburn, you may want to top your pasta with milder sauce such as pesto or a white sauce made with low-fat dairy products. And, if you really want to do the more healthy thing, try using whole wheat or multi-grain pasta instead of pasta made with bleached flour. It’s much better for you. If heartburn continues to be a problem with you, it may be a sign of more serious issues that may require follow-up and/or treatment by your physician.