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On turning 60

Today, March 16 , 2011, I turn 60 years of age. As with many who have reached this age, it can be a time of reflection on past experiences. I have been blessed by God in following a path to good health that has given me the health-age of a 20 year-old healthy adult—something that unfortunately does not exist today with our young adults.

I have decided to begin a blog dedicated to optimizing the human performance of those individuals who have chosen to stop renting their health and finally take ownership of it. Our health is a gift that has been given to us by God—if we choose the right path to achieving compressed morbidity: the shortest period of illness in our life pushed to the end of our life for attainment of the highest quality of living.

This definition, along with my editorial comments along the way, will be the thrust of my blog. For additional fitness tips and information, you can sign up for Mackie Mail—my weekly email health tip—or follow me on Twitter or Facebook.