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More Serena Williams’ Training Secrets

With people now having the ability to spend more time with outside activities – emphasizing appropriate Covid-19 safety measures – such as social distancing, one activity that can afford fitness and fun is tennis.

The tennis serve is the only stroke in tennis, where the player has control from the start. It’s a game changer, when effectively managed. Increasing serve speed and accuracy is the ultimate objective.

Over the next two weeks, April and I will show you techniques I’ve used with world champion tennis great Serena Williams to maximize   serve power – Serve and Reverse Serve Skill Simulation and Tennis Serve Acceleration (Shot Throw).

Serve & Reverse Serve Skill Simulation:

Serve Simulation: Using a rubber tubing device with handles, attach to a fixed object – such as a fence – in a low position. Grasp the tubing handle (s) in the serve hand. Set up in a tennis serve position – as if preparing to toss the ball up, while simultaneously loading the back leg. Simulate the forward hand tossing the ball up, while the hand with the resistance tubing mimicking the “shot-put” serve motion. Perform 5-10 repetitions. Repeat with opposite side.

Reverse Serve Skill Simulation: Attach the tubing device in a high position to the fixed object. Kneel on the knee on the same side as the serve arm. Using a reverse serve motion, pull-down the tubing to the serve set-up position – with the opposite motion with the ball hand. Perform 5-10 times. Repeat to opposite side.

Make sure to use torso rotation and proper mechanics while simulating the serve and reverse serve motion.