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Mackie’s take on pressing health issues of the day

In today’s world—filled with global financial and health risks, it can be quite comforting in unsettling times to pull from your faith. It’s also been said, if you have your health, you have everything—a chance to realize your intended path.

After 69 years on this planet—43 years guiding some of this country’s greatest professional athletes, celebrities, and people like you and me in my multiple hospital-affiliated sports performance, fitness, nutrition, and wellness programs—it’s about trust, integrity, and a commitment to excellence that can pave the path to maximum wellness—the title of my podcast.

In my experience, when it comes to choosing a nutrition supplement to fortify your body, the choice is determined by two variables—Immunity and Inflammation—that will decide your health status as you age.

Immunity—the body’s resistance against an invading infection or toxin—is a barrier or eliminator to pathogens, such as the flu or Corona-type viruses. Young children, with developing immune responses and those people over sixty, who suffer from immunosenescence—changes in the immune system associated with age—are especially vulnerable to those invading pathogens.

Inflammation—a process where your white blood cells and their associated substances shield us from bacteria and foreign organisms—can be tied to almost every disease process we face. With age, science calls the process Inflammaging, which describes the low-grade inflammation that can increase with age—without intervention.

All that leads me to suggest that when you need to choose which nutritional supplement may complement the strategy that you and your health care provider have set, you need to have faith in your myriad purchase options—online or in-store. When it comes to your health, losing isn’t an option—which is why my 5 GNC franchise locations should be a top consideration.

Online can offer many options, but “Dr. Google” is not someone you can shake hands with or look in the eye—a symbol of trust and commitment. The Mackie Team that I have assembled are committed individuals, many of whom have been with me for years, which speaks volumes about any organization. Much of the online health information can be suspect.

From my perspective, you need to build a relationship with the organization providing nutritional products for you and your family. With the cost of prescription medication out of control, simple, cost effective nutrient support, within the scope of your primary care physician’s approval, is another weapon to help you to take back ownership of your health.

In my upcoming Mackie Mail series I will be discussing my top nutrient and supplement recommendations.

My team is ready and willing to serve you.