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Mackie’s Criteria for Exercise Effectiveness (Routine 2) |

Here are my notes from the second in my series on exercise effectiveness for WWL-TV. You can see the first part of the series here.

Here are my six criteria that each of these four routines I developed had to fulfill to make the cut.

I have established a criteria which each routine had to pass to make the cut. With people on the go and research pointing to the fact that large health club membershipsare down due to the economy resulting in people wanting to exercise at home,  time and effectiveness of the exercise must be considered.

Each routine MUST :

  1. Be time efficient and space conscious
  2. Make best use of multiple muscle groups
  3. Mimic a body movement and not isolate just one muscle
  4. Have the ability to provide a “cardiovascular ” training effect
  5. Allow for variations to prevent muscle imbalances
  6. Permit advancement from beginner to advanced

Routine One : Uses rubber tubing attached to door or fence.

Routine Two : Uses small weights such as books, soup cans, or light dumbbells

Full Body Workout : Emphasis on most major muscle groups.

  • 1/2 squat folowed by curling  arms ( palms in) then pressing  arms above head ( palms in) upon standing.
  • Bent leg dead lift with ” Y ” movement of arms over head upon standing
  • 1/2 squat with front shoulder raise ( below parallel) upon standing
  • Left and right twist and punch ( arms below parallel)