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Mackie’s Core Circuit: to strengthen abs, low back, and inner thighs

Lie on your back with legs bent to 90 degree at the knees—low back pressed against the ground. While keeping the low back in contract with the ground, simultaneously extend a straight left arm back toward the ground (6-10 inches above ground) and the right leg out (6-10 inches above the ground). Perform 10 reps (each movement of left arm and right leg counts one).

Roll to your left side, with the left leg straight. Place the right, bent leg across the left–with the right foot outside the left knee. Elevate and lower the straight left leg 6 inches of the ground. Repeat 10 times. Roll to the right side and perform the same maneuver switching legs.

Roll on your stomach and simultaneously lift a straight, left leg and right arm 6 inches off the ground. Keep your spine straight and do not roll to one side, during the crossover arm and leg movements. Repeat 10 times—with each movement counting as one repetition.

Remember, you should always consult your physician before beginning any exercise, diet, or nutritional supplementation program.