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Mackie’s 2 Minute Upper Body Retro-Stretching Routine

Stretching is an important – yet often overlooked or neglected – part of a fitness routine. That’s especially true, as it applies with pre-dynamic and post-static upper body stretching. In addition, most aspects of life – lifting, throwing, bending, and reaching for objects, to name a few – are done in front of the body- setting up an imbalance between muscles in the front of the body that contract versus muscles in the back that can become overstretched.

Sit upright in the middle of a chair or stand.

Neck: Look down, up, then a neutral position. Turn head to right, neutral, then left. Laterally bend the neck to the left, neutral, and right.

Mid-Shoulders: Lift the shoulder blades up and rotate back – without coming forward 3 times in a smooth motion.

Outer Chest (Pec Minor): Clasp arms behind head with elbow out. Pull the arms back until you feel a chest stretch.

Rotator Cuff Stretch / Genie Stretch: With arms at 90-degree angles, grab the wrists with the alternate hand. Arms are held parallel to the ground below shoulder height. Alternate comfortably pulling the arms across the body – until a stretch is felt on the outside of the posterior shoulder.

Scapula Retractions: Place arms at 90-degree angles with palms facing the floor. Retract the shoulder blades, as you extend the chest out with elbows moving back.
Extend the arms in a “T” position – with the spine and do the same motion.

Forearms: Outstretch one arm in front parallel to the ground with fingers pointing down. Pull back with other hand, until a stretch is felt on the palm side of the hand. Repeat with opposite arm.

Back of Arms: Place both hand behind the head, arms bent with fingers pointing down the upper back, elbows up toward the ceiling. Reach down the back until a stretch is felt. Then point the fingers in and across the back, while bring the elbows toward each other.

Front Shoulder: Place both palms on the sides of the waist with arms bent and rotate shoulders forward. Feel the strer5ch in the front of the shoulder.

Remember, you should always consult your physician before beginning any exercise, diet, or nutritional supplementation program.

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