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Mackie Shilstone’s Body Shaper: NOW AVAILABLE


Mackie’s Body Shaper is now available at Mackie’s 8 GNC franchise locations

Stability and mobility combined to sculpt and shape your body

The Body Shaper was developed with Mackie Shilstone, world-renowned sports performance manager. With over 35 years of experience working with both elite athletes and everyday people to develop power and strength, Mackie has dramatically improved their performance. The inspiration for creating the Body Shaper was born after Mackie suffered a shoulder injury and needed a more effective way to rebuild strength and flexibility. Mackie worked together with LifelineUSA engineers to create the Body Shaper, a product so versatile it’s made a big impact on the strength and conditioning program at Tulane University.

“Thank you from the Strength and Conditioning staff at Tulane for the “Mackie Shilstone Body Shapers”. We have incorporated them into our training programs with all our men and women’s sports teams here at Tulane. We use the device for both for injury prevention as well as in our performance training.”

—Rob Phillips, Director of Strength & Conditioning
Tulane University Athletics

Shoulder maintenance should be one of the main focuses of athletes, especially those performing repetitive overhead maneuvers like swimmers, quarterbacks, tennis and baseball players. Mackie Shilestone’s “Body Shaper” shoulder program has been incorporated into the daily workout regimens of all our Tulane sports. This has played a significant role in helping our athletes to maintain correct posture and balance while performing.  I have tried other devices similar to the “Body Shaper”, but found them difficult to attach, and quick to get tangled and to break down with use. Mackie’s devices are  “hands free”, which allows athletes to isolate the muscles being worked. I highly recommend the Body Shaper and Mackie’s shoulder program to anyone, athlete or not, wanting to continue living an active and healthy lifestyle.”

—Russ Buller
Head Baseball Strength and Conditioning Coach
Head Football Speed/Conditioning Coach
Tulane University


  • One pair 10 lb resistance cables (R1)
  • One pair 20 lb resistance cables (R2)
  • One pair wrist/ankle cuffs with swivel attachment anchor point
  • Two cable pockets attached to swivel point
  • Door attachment for anchoring in a closed door
  • Carabiner for attaching to wall mount, fence or weight machine
  • Instructional DVD featuring Sports Performance Manager and Fitness Expert, Mackie Shilstone

Ultimate Functional Trainer

The secret to the Body Shaper is stability/mobility. Its unique design allows freedom of motion while forcing you to stabilize your core. This combination builds strong core muscles to support functional body movement, while toning and shaping your entire body.The Body Shaper delivers a “ hands free “ advantage that allows the user to replicate, not only everyday tasks, but also almost any sports related movement. Use it in conjunction with light dumbbells, medicine balls, sports implements like a baseball, football, racquet, or just by itself.

  • Stabilize with your core while moving your arms or legs for extremely effective training
  • Train the front and back of your body by simply turning toward or away from the anchor point
  • Unique cuff and swivel rotate to allow complete freedom of movement
  • “ Hands free “ advantage for replicating sports related motion and improving performance

Watch the Video:

Watch Mackie and Meg demonstrate Body Shaper on WWL-TV:

Mackie Shilstone’s Body Shaper—AVAILABLE NOW at Mackie’s 6 Metro Locations:

  • MAGAZINE: 504-897-1030
  • METAIRIE: 504-834-2811
  • WESTGATE: 504-463-0080
  • MANDEVILLE: 985-674-2535
  • ELMWOOD: 504-731-2921
  • BREWSTER ROAD: 985-892-9955
  • AIRLINE AT LABARRE: 504-309-4672