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Mackie inducted to SELU’s “Louisiana Kinesiology Hall of Fame”

Last week, Mackie Shilstone was named one of the 12 inductees to the inaugural “Louisiana Kinesiology Hall of Fame” by the Department of Kinesiology and Health Studies at Southeastern Louisiana University. The inaugural inductees are:

  • James Andrews (Sports Medicine)
  • Skip Bertman (Coaching, Sport Management)
  • Terry Bradshaw (Athlete, Sport Media)
  • Robert Goodwin (Sports Medicine)
  • Gayle Hatch (Athlete, Fitness)
  • Kathy Hill (Physical Education)
  • Mickey Loomis (Sports Management)
  • Archie Manning (Athlete)
  • Pete Maravich (Athlete)
  • Kim Mulkey (Athlete, Coaching)
  • Eddie Robinson (Coaching)
  • Mackie Shilstone (Fitness)

Discussing the Wall of Fame, Kinesiology and Health Studies Department Head Professor Edward Hebert said he envisioned the Hall of Fame has a way of helping current Health and Kinesiology students learn about contemporary individuals who have made an impact through a significant historical contribution to their field. Students chose an initial pool of 80 candidates and created selection criteria, then narrowed that to 30 nominees who were voted on by the department. Inductees will be honored at a ceremony and featured on the “Wall of Fame” of the new Health and Kinesiology building when the building opens in 2011, and invited to speak as part of SELU’s annual lecture series.

“To be selected in the first class of the Southeastern Louisiana University Kinesiology Hall of Fame is truly an honor that I will cherish, especially being chosen by young minds striving for excellence in their respectives healthcare careers,” said Shilstone.

“When I began my road to develop fitness and performance enhancement systems, I had no path to follow, just a vision and dream. 30 years later, I have great company to inspire me further. Hopefully, whatever I have managed to do will guide others toward a path to achieve better health for us all.”