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Mackie and April’s City Park Workouts!


Mackie and April spend a chilly morning at City Park’s Peristyle to show you some terrific exercises and stretches to get your blow flowing and your muscles working!

6:30 AM: Plank Walk-Out, Lumbar Extension, & Cat Stretch

Assume a position on all-fours with forearms on the ground – arms bent at a 90-degree angle with each hand flat on the ground. With the knees bent and stationary, walk your forearms out until the elbows are slightly above the top of each shoulder. At that point, hold for a 5-count in a modified bent-leg, plank position. Next, for those that can, extend the legs (locked out) and hold for a 5-count. Return to the ground and use the arms to elevate your upper torso – head in a neutral position – stretching the low back in extension for a 5-count – with front of hips in contact with the ground. Finally, return to “all-fours” and flex your spine in a CAT-like stretch – with chin tucked toward your chest. Breathe normally.

7:30 AM: Mackie’s Lower Extremity Active-Isolated Stretching Routine

Lying on your back with the knees bent, cross one leg over the other. Pull the top knee toward the opposite shoulder – without rolling to that side – until you feel a stretch in the outer hip. Hold. Next, bring the same leg to the mid-thigh level with the ankle just outside the non-working leg. Pull the bent leg toward the upper torso, until you feel a glut (butt) stretch.

Next, roll to the opposite side of working leg – with the non-working leg bent at a 90-degree angle. Bring the working bent knee toward the upper torso – followed by grabbing the ankle with the hand on the side of the working leg. Pull the bent leg slightly behind the body. Be sure NOT to bring the heel in contact with the butt. Next, pull the working leg across the body and extend it – elevating the working leg toward the opposite shoulder.

Hold each stretch for a 20-30 seconds. Repeat to opposite side.

8:30 AM: Mackie’s Shoulder Capsule Dynamic Stretching Routine

Sitting with legs slightly bent, walk your hands away from the body – fingers pointing toward the body – until you feel a front shoulder stretch. Hold. Next, round the arms as if you’re hugging a tree and place around your bent knee – that are open to shoulder width. Repeat three times the backward and forward stretch. Next, while seated with legs crossed or bent, bring one bent arm up with elbow pointing in the air. Using the other hand to lightly pull the elbow back equal to the ear. Next, pull the bent elbow behind the head until a stretch in the back of the arm is felt. Each stretch has dynamic motion versus a static hold.

Repeat with opposite arm.

Remember, you should always consult your physician before beginning any exercise, diet, or nutritional supplementation program.