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Improving Immune Function and Lung Capacity with a 5 Yard Square Box (Pt. 1, The H Drill) says, “the most important function of the cardiopulmonary system is with respect to the flow and regulation of blood between the heart and the lungs, a process that centers upon the connection between the heart and the lungs made through the pulmonary artery.”

Physical exercise improves cardiopulmonary function by causing positive adaptations to the heart and vascular system—decreasing resting heart rate (RHR) and blood pressure, while increasing heart rate variability (HRV).

To accomplish this improvement, it doesn’t require expensive equipment or an extensive time commitment. Over the next two weeks, I’ll show you two drills—H and STAR—that I’ve used with some of this country’s greatest athletes, to not only strengthen their heart and lung function, but also to improve agility, strength, and range of motion in the hips—the secret to athletic success. And, it only requires a 5-yard square area—with plenty of ways to create social distancing from family members.

H-Drill: Create a 5-yard square box—using cups, water bottles, or folded towels located at each corner. You will always move around the outside of the box—within close proximity of the corner markers.

Start at the bottom left corner next to the marker. Run ahead just past the next marker—staying outside the box. Then, shuffle across to the other marker—followed by backpedaling to the bottom right marker. Then shuffle to the left, where you started. Without stopping, reverse the process by shuffling back to the right marker, running up the upper right marker, shuffling to the left marker, followed by backpedaling to the original starting point.

Move away from the start point and the next family members runs in from a separated position and repeats the process. Once each family member has had a turn, then face into the box. This time shuffle first, run, shuffle, backpedal, run, shuffle, backpedal, shuffle back to the start. Then the next family member goes. Face backward for #3, and sideways for #4 and repeat the process.

Remember, you should always consult your physician before beginning any exercise, diet, or nutritional supplementation program.

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