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If you are a vegetarian athlete can you find a nutritional balance in the food you eat?

All athletes require more nutrients than the average person in order to gain the strength, endurance and health benefits they need. However, vegetarians face an additional challenge in getting all their nutrients from a smaller amount of food choices than meat-eaters have. There are two basic kinds of vegetarians: ovo-lactos who can consume egg and dairy products and vegans who eat no animal-based products at all. Ovo-lactos can get their essential proteins, vitamins and minerals from eggs and dairy products but vegans must seek other sources for these nutrients. Fortunately, they have many choices. A wide variety of tasty leafy greens, fruits, seeds, nuts, vegetables and tubers contain essential amino acids that build up protein. An athlete following this vegetarian regimen should get his or her body composition analyzed to determine protein needs, then choose foods that furnish those needs. Taste need not be sacrificed. All of these organic foods taste good and they’re good for you as well.