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How does a 20-something mix an active social life with looking and feeling good?

Well one local guy, who has been cast with speaking roles in two upcoming movies, found out partying and a magazine-ready body, are hard to mix.

When you’re young, nothing not even partying, can make you look bad, right? ”My sophomore year I thought I looked great and I did not look great,” laughs Scott Shilstone.

Scott Shilstone says college was typical, fast food, vending machines, alcohol and little sleep.

”Let’s see how late we can stay out, you know. Let’s see how much we can do,” he remembers about the college days with his friends and Alpha Tau Omega fraternity brothers.

After graduation last year from Ole Miss as a journalism major, he was cast in two movies. But soon realized youth doesn’t mean automatic good health and looks.

It was exactly a year ago that Scott had an epiphany. He wanted to get in top shape for two reasons. One, he was tired of always having low energy and two, because of the physical demands and looks for his acting career.

His famous fitness dad, Mackie Shilstone, has trained major top athletes around the world in several sports. Most recently, he has taken tennis player Serena Williams to the top of her game. Mackie had warned his son long ago, that his diet was the problem. But it fell on youthful, deaf ears until recently.

”You gotta cut back on your beer drinking. You gotta cut back on the late night eating.” Scott said his father would tell him when he would ask how to lean up. But Scott says he would tell his dad, ”Nah, that’s not it. That’s not it Dad. That’s not it.”

”Of course it was the beer. Of course it was the fried food. I wasn’t drinking nearly enough water. (I had a) high sodium intake,” Scott says he now realizes.

So he studied and studied and followed the science on his own, learning about all the supplements where he works in retail at his father’s GNC nutrition store. He changed the way he worked out, weight lifting four days a week, constantly changing his routine to challenge his muscles. He only does some treadmill cardio one day a week now with core strengthening exercises. He makes sure in-between he gets a day or so of rest from weight lifting so his muscles can recover and repair and rebuild stronger. He now has a new, clean diet of lean protein, vegetables, high fiber carbs such as whole grain brown rice. He eats six meals a day. Lunch and dinner are bigger, others are snacks using the right combination of protein shakes.

Muscle & Body magazine in July, asked him to write about his transformation from a normal sized young guy to a now 21 pounds lighter, leaner and ripped frame. He went from 170 to 149 on the scale, but he most likely has lost a lot more body fat than 21 pounds because he has gained more solid lean muscle which makes you smaller and more compact in some areas but bigger in others like his biceps. His waist went from 34 inches to 30.5 inches.

Now he even has a supplement for his weekly beer outings with friends

”I try to give myself one night a week to have my cheat night because I’m still 24 at the end of the day. And I still want to have a good time,” he says.

Now his friends want his advice too so they can lean up as well.

For Scott’s complete article on his workouts and a list of his complete diet and supplements:

Scott’s Supplement Routine

When I am working, my diet consists of mostly bars and RTDs (ready-to-drink protein shakes). I wish I could say I was like one of those fitness models who have whole-food meals every two or three hours, but I live in the real world where that isn’t always an option. Here’s an example of my workday diet.


1 scoop of Blox Silk Amino Acids by BPI (I drink this 15 minutes before breakfast) Breakfast shake (2 scoops vanilla Isopure, 1 scoop Carboplex, mixed with either low-fat milk or water) Multivitamin 2 pills of Compound 20 by USPlabs Mid Morning:

Pure Pro 50 by ABB Lunch

Turkey sandwich on whole wheat, seven-grain toast with lettuce and light mayo Cup of whole sliced fruit (no preservatives, added sugars or syrup) Salad Mid-afternoon:

Apple Pie Quest Bar by Quest Nutrition Teriyaki Flavor Ostrim Meat Stick Preworkout:

2 scoops of ACG3 by NDS 2 pills of Compound 20 by USPlabs During Workout:

1 scoop of Blox Silk Amino Acids by BPI


Recovery shake (2 scoops vanilla Isopure, 1 scoop Carboplex, 1 scoop of creatine monohydrate by NuCare mixed with water) Dinner

Lean red meat, turkey or fish Brown basmati rice or low-carb pasta Vegetables (e.g., green beans, asparagus, broccoli, etc.) Salad with olive oil and vinegar After Dinner

Glass of low-fat milk 2 scoops of Smart Balance peanut butter Before Bed:

1 scoop of casein protein by Optimum Nutrition mixed in water * Drink plenty of water throughout the day, because the more water you consume, the more you are likely to excrete. You’d be surprised by how much water weight you’re probably carrying at this very moment. That’s just one more layer of subcutaneous fluid that is covering up all those hard-earned muscles.