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Give aerobic exercise a shot.

Trying to get a sleek stomach but nothing you’ve done so far seems to be working? Give aerobic exercise a shot at it. Aerobic exercise may be the key to banishing the deep belly fat that gives your stomach a pooch. How much aerobic exercise does it take to trim a tummy? In a recent study, overweight people who jogged, cycled, or hit the elliptical for about 3 hours a week had the best belly-busting outcome — as long as they exercised at an up-tempo pace. Not ready to go that distance yet? Try walking briskly for just a couple of hours per week. That may be enough to at least keep an increase in abdominal girth in check. People who do nothing as they age could very well be watching their waists grow along with their risks of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. So whether you do it a little or a lot, sweat is still a sweet way to manage your middle.