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Eating fish … good for your eyes?

In the March 22nd New York Times Science Section, there was an interesting article: “Eating Fish Found to Ward Off Eye Disease.” The Harvard Women’s Health Study followed 39,876 women in midlife who had filled out detailed food frequency questionnaires, as the article noted. Among some of the findings was that “women who reported eating one or more servings of fish per week were 42% less likely to develop age related macular degneration than those who ate less than a serving each month.”

These findings were reported in the Archives Of Ophthalmology. I personally eat at least two servings of coldwater fish, like Salmon, and take Nordic Naturals Ultimate Fish Oil as part of my daily positive lifestyle plan of action. At 60 years of age on 3/16/11, my yearly ophthalomology eye exam revealed no eye disease or trace of cataracts.

I guess clean living and Omega 3 fatty acids can make a positive difference. Check with your physician before you take any nutritional supplement.