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Developing Strong Wrists & Forearms

Strengthening the wrist and forearm is important to not only prevent unwanted elbow injuries, but also help to strengthen your grip for every- day activities—like picking up objects, turning a doorknob, or opening a jar.

Wrist flexor muscles bend the wrist – causing the palm of the hand to move toward the bottom of your forearm, while wrist extensor muscles cause the wrist to bend up in the opposite direction. Wrist pronators rotate the forearm and wrist to face down, while Wrist supinators twist the forearm in the opposite direction – causing the wrist to turn face up.

Baseball Bat Wrist & Forearm Exercises:

Wrist flexion / extension—with one hand, grab the bat toward the center point, where the bat’s width widens. Position the arm close to the body with the elbow bent to 90-degrees and the bat parallel to the ground. Alternate bending the wrist down (flexion) toward the ground and up (extension) toward the sky.

Wrist pronation / supination—holding the bat at the same midpoint parallel to the ground rotate the palm to face down (pronation) and up (supination). Try ten repetitions of each exercise.

Remember, you should always consult your physician before beginning any exercise, diet, or nutritional supplementation program.

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