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John Goodman on Mackie in Men’s Health

For years, at Christmas-time I’d get fed up and make a resolution, and I’d lose 60 pounds, 65 pounds. And then I was off to the races again in the summer. I’d just eat whatever I want, and the big key was drinking. I’m an alcoholic.

So I went to a man named Mackie Shilstone in New Orleans, who is our own fitness guru. He trains Serena Williams. He’s trained many boxers. He brought Ozzie Smith back–gave him a few more years in his career.I set up a program with him, medically, first.

This was three years ago, before the Santa Clause movie?[That] was what triggered me going to Mackie. I was living in New Orleans, and I thought, I might as well try this guy because he’s the best, and we worked out a good program. I lost about 70 pounds and went to Germany to do a movie, and I was still drinking. I was working out during this time. My knees are shot. I’ve got arthritic knees and I need to replace both of them. So I get on an elliptical machine and a recumbent bike. I was working out, but I was still drinking and everything that goes along with that, which is the food and everything else. Right after I got back from Germany, I got sober.

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