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Boxing Talk: The Mackie Shilstone Experience (A Five-Part Interview)

Doveed Linder interviewed me for

Last March, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Larry Merchant and doing an in depth interview with him.  As a boxing writer, it was the best experience I’ve had.  And once I was finished with the project, I wanted to do it all over again.  I wanted to find another person in the boxing world who I could talk to at length, and listen to some of his stories and observations about the game.  So I took a bit of time to think about who might be the perfect subject for this interview.  There are a lot of people in the boxing world who I respect and admire, but who did I really, really want to talk to?  One morning, I was driving down the Pacific Coast Highway, mesmerized by the blue of the ocean.  Then out of nowhere, the name came to me and it became abundantly clear who I wanted to interview: Mackie Shilstone.

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