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  1. When Michael Spinks made history becoming the ONLY lightweight boxer to win the undisputed world heavyweight boxing title against Larry Holmes, he has Mackie to thank.
  2. When baseball legend Darryl Strawberry needed to salvage a plummeting career, he turned to Mackie for help.
  3. When Riddick Bowe won the world heavyweight title in Nov. 1993, Mackie was in his corner.
  4. When international superstar Chuck Norris decided to redesign his training routine and strengthen his body, he went to Mackie.
  5. When Will Clark got a $30 million dollar contract with the Texas Rangers, he credited Mackie, among others.
  6. When Mickey Rourke’s trainer-to-the-star Dan Isaacson needed help getting Rourke in shape for his foray into professional boxing, he enlisted Mackie.
  7. Isaacson asked Mackie to assist in pumping up Wesley Snipes with a performance nutrition plan for sports related movie roles.
  8. When Hall of Fame all-star Ozzie Smith, at the age of 30, wanted just three more years on the baseball diamond with the St. Louis Cardinals, he put his performance training in the hands of Mackie. His career continued another 11 years until he retired at the age of 41.
  9. When Washington Bullets 7’7″ Manute Bol, the tallest player at that time in the NBA, needed to add some weight, it was Mackie who bulked him up by 38 pounds.
  10. When high school phenomenon Jonathan Bender was drafted 5th overall in the 1999 NBA draft, he thanked Mackie for his early success at his NBA draft party.
  11. When J.J. McCleskey, cornerback with the Arizona Cardinals, had repeated hamstring strains and his career longevity was threatened, he turned to Mackie for the successful solution.
  12. When Mitch Berger, punter-kickoff specialist for the Minnesota Vikings, had a career threatening leg injury, the Minnesota Vikings sent him to Mackie for the solution. He went on to set the NFL record for touchbacks in 1998 and earned a pro-bowl selection in 1999.
  13. When all-star L.A. Dodger outfielder Brett Butler developed cancer on the tonsil, post-surgery he turned to his long-time friend Mackie Shilstone to put his life and career back on track. Subsequently, in his first game back he scored the winning run. In his book Field Of Hope, Butler devoted an entire chapter to Mackie’s work toward helping him come back from cancer.