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A note to our customers on discounts

We’d like to  clarify how our discounts are applied. At Mackie Shilstone’s seven locally-operated GNC locations, we take pride in offering you the best products on the market at great prices. To give you the products you need at the prices you want, we frequently run a variety of discount offers, including GNC Member Pricing, GetMyPerks coupons, hot buys, and our famous biweekly Mackie Mail email specials.

We know you especially love our football season Monday Morning Quarterback discount coupon, applicable to your entire purchase at a percentage equal to the most recent Saints’ Score, up to 45%. If the Saints score over 45 points, the score-based discount is applicable to a single item only. On a bye week, the discount will be equal to the average of  current-season Saints scores to date. During basketball season, our Pelicans High-Scorer discount will equal the score of the highest-scoring Pelican from the previous week’s games, and is applicable to your entire purchase, up to 45%, after which it becomes a single-item discount. All discounts are applied to the regular item price.

With all of these great discount offers to choose from, you can pick the best available discount for your purchase. Please note, however, that multiple discounts cannot be applied to any given product, without exception. For instance, if you redeem a 35% off Monday Morning Quarterback discount on your entire purchase, you cannot also apply a GNC Member Pricing discount as well. If you’re uncertain what discounts apply to your purchase items, just ask the staff and they’ll be happy to help!

We thank you for respecting our store policies and choosing to shop at Mackie’s 7 locally-operated GNC franchises. Remember, when you see Mackie at the door, you KNOW it’s a Mackie Store!